Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i heart fascinators

I found this beautiful post on wedlog this morning on fascinators, and I am fascinated. I love their vintage look and the fact that they aren't a tiara. I'm not a tiara kind of girl, but that doesn't mean I don't want something pretty and sparkly in my hair. I am also thinking about making a cathedral length veil for the ceremony and I am not interested in wearing that crazy thing all night. It would be fun to take that off but put something equally bridal in its place.

I started looking around this morning for something that I might be able to knock off and I have found a lot online. My favorite since before I was engaged is Jennifer Behr. I bought one of her headbands from Anthropologie and I love it. I don't know if those huge, beautiful silk peonies are "fascinators" per se, because they don't have feathers, but she does have other feathery items and some gorgeous beaded headbands.

Absolutely Gorgeous also features this little number-

I don't think the flower is as pretty as the Jennifer Behr peony, but I love the feathers. Maybe my mom and I will have to do a little DIY. Silk flowers are a pretty foreign concept to me. I walk into Michaels and make a beeline past the fake flowers. I have found some really beautiful silk roses which sit on my kitchen counter to Jake's dismay (story for another day), but I bought those at a little boutique in California. I am not sure if I could find something so beautiful that I would want it to be stuck to my head all day and look at the photos for the rest of my life.

Option number two is to not even use a realistic looking flower. I love these from Etsy seller begurple.

Mom and I could definitely find some pretty white fabric to make petals. Where would I buy feathers from, though? These even look beaded! My DIY list is growing.

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  1. I am not sure if you have found your perfect fascinator or not, but if you are interested....take a look at my handmade, vintage pin up inspired hair fascinators. I make several types, all different color schemes. Prices are less than $20. Hope you find your perfect one somewhere. I wore a fascinator on my wedding day in April. They are very fun to wear, and bring compliments.



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