Thursday, August 16, 2007

i heart kate parker weddings

Kate Parker is a wedding planner in New England with a fabulous website. She has lots and lots of photos of pretty, preppy weddings that she has planned. I love all the blue hydrangea. It is also very nice of her to post her photos online for people who don't live in New England or can't afford her services.

I have been saving her photos into my wedding files for months. Then I stumbled across her online store and found this:

It is a basket full of fun Chicago things for out-of-towners. Some of the choices are a little questionable, however...
  • 2 brownies from Chicago Brownie co., Chicago
  • 1 pack of candy covered nuts from Illinois Nut, Skokie
  • 12 oz. of coffee from Metropolis Coffee, Chicago
  • 2 (11 oz.) bottles of Fiji Water
Are these the best known Chicago vendors? I would trade the coffee out for Intelligentsia, at least. What about Frango or Fannie May? I guess they are formerly Chicago items, but they remind me more of Chicago than the until now unknown Chicago Brownie, Co. How about some Garrett's popcorn? Yummers. I thought that was just a tourist trap until Jake and I picked some up last fall. Finally, you have to include a coupon for some Home Run Inn Pizza. The frozen ones wouldn't last very long in a basket, but it would be worth the trip out once you got here.

We probably won't have too many out-of-towners, but this is a great idea for the handful we will have!

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