Wednesday, August 22, 2007

i heart little soaps

I spent a good chunk of last night looking for cute things to put in suitcases. It sounds like a random way to spend one's Tuesday night, but Jake was traveling and I couldn't sleep. Next time, I will crack one of my new books for school. I swear.

Here are some of the fun things I found:

These little soaps would look so cute in the bathroom at Cafe Brauer. I know they already come in that pretty box, but wouldn't they look even better in one of those Paper Source suitcases?

Or, I could take a trip over to Merz Apothecary in Lincoln Square.

The place is apparently a treasure trove of unique little gifts. I cant believe I have never been there. There are so many neat places in Chicago. I am always excited when another one turns up.

Finally, the bridesmaid's gift idea-

I am starting to sour on the flip flops at weddings thing, but maybe a cute pair of slippers and some other comfy stuff would do the trick.

I will keep on my mission until the perfect idea turns up!

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