Friday, August 24, 2007

i heart my photographer

I have second-guessed almost every decision that I have made about this wedding. I usually can talk myself off the ledge and be happy again, but there is still a nagging voice in the back of my head... "Are you SURE you want to do that?!" Even the beautiful Cafe Brauer has taken a beating, mostly due to a recent staff change. We even considered moving the whole thing up to St. Joe, Michigan and cutting the guest list in half. I love our caterer, but I could drop that for a clambake on Lake Michigan.

While considering this option, the one vendor that I wanted to take with me was our photographer, Dean Thorsen. I haven't spent a lot of time with him and he seems great, but his photos are amazing. I feel validated every time I see another one of his weddings. The photos are unique and colorful. I really feel like I can get to know the couple by looking through a handful of their wedding pictures. How awesome is this shot:

Check out that fascinator!

I found Dean through Erin (my bestest friend from growing up and a fellow bride). Her cousin Pat, whose wedding is tonight, is using him. She showed me his website and I instantly decided to use him. Because it is my nature to research potential decisions to death, I did so and I didn't see any other photographers as talented as him. I keep checking his website and his blog for new photos and I am always impressed. When Erin's photographer decided to move to China shortly after her wedding, she switched over to Dean, too.

One more for fun-

See her parents kissing in the back? I love that!

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