Saturday, August 25, 2007

i heart our engagement party invitations

I am so very excited, because my parents are throwing Jake and I an engagement party this weekend! We have been engaged since December, so we have gone 8 months of being engaged without really celebrating it. This is a nice excuse to get our family and friends together.

We sent invitations out a month ago. I really wanted to make them because I have been thinking about making my wedding invitations and I wanted some practice. I found a stamp ("Cottage Bloom") that I loved at Paper Source, as well as some pretty blue ("Lake") cards and ivory cardstock. I also tested out my new embossing blow dryer with a watermark stamp and some light gold powder. Here are the results:

Invite Done!

The ivory cards were 4.5x4.5 and the blue cards are 5x5. Cutting squares was pretty easy, compared to my previous forays into cutting rectangles. I loved using the embossing powders and I even had fun picking out the fonts. I think this was a success and I am feeling pretty confident about making the wedding invites. They will be a little more complicated... but I have enough time to get it right, right?

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