Tuesday, August 14, 2007

i heart our wedding website

Since Jake is a web-geek and Google employee, he has pimped out our wedding website. Most of my engaged friends have a Knot or Wedding Channel website. The more planning loving friends have in depth bios on the Knot's message boards. I think that ours is pretty unique and very savvy. Jake has tricked it out with polls, a countdown widget, a blog roll, feeds and all kinds of other things that I don't really understand. I think he has fun testing things out. He keeps trying to talk me into putting ads on there, but I think he is going to lose that battle.

That site is mainly for wedding news and updates. Most of our readers are close friends and family and I am not sure how many of them want to read my planning notes- hence the creation of iheartpeonies. It's hard now to decide what goes where. I am pretty sure that we will have a lot of wedding news in the coming weeks to share and I will feel a little less guilty about posting on here.

It's been a lot of fun planning posts with Jake and having a project together. It has also helped me understand his job and his passions a little better. I think it will be even more fun when we get close to the wedding and things really start happening. Until then, I can write up a storm here!

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