Thursday, August 16, 2007

i heart palette generators (hee hee)

I still don't know my wedding colors. It's not really that big of a deal, but people keep asking and I feel like I should have an answer. I don't feel like I need wedding colors... I don't want single color bouquets or centerpieces. I want the wedding to feel eclectic and colorful. Also, I love colors and I can't seem to settle on one and be happy with it. Every time I see a pretty layout on Style Me Pretty, I feel compelled to change my mind.

I have found, on a variety of blogs, palette generators that will allow you to download a photo and it will detect the colors and create a palette. Here is one that is pretty easy to use. I thought this might help me narrow it down. Here is the image (from Style Me Pretty) I used and the results:

I like these colors... I can work with this. There is obviously a lot of yellow in the original photo and I like the oranges and coppers that the palette generator pulled out of it. It would look really pretty with chocolate bridesmaid dresses and ivory. Mmm... citrusy!

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