Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i heart paper source

Just to warn you... I will probably use that title for many-a-post between now and September 6, 2008. But, I found these and I had to write about them:

This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. And its $10! When does anything at Paper Source surprise me by the LOW cost? Never. Nope, never. Sometimes I say to myself, "oh, thats reasonable," but inexpensive? I am just dreaming of all the things I could use this for- in the wedding, and beyond. Just stacking a few of these in a little girls room would be classic.

But, since I am currently planning for a wedding, back to that. The smaller version ($8!) would be cute as a "basket" full of goodies in the bathroom at Cafe Brauer. Out of towner welcome gift? I could just replace the word "basket" with "adorable suitcase." I could give the bridesmaids all kinds of goodies in here.

And then, I could put a luggage tag on it!
Although I am pretty sure I could make these, I am still excited by the idea! The wheels are churning...

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