Thursday, August 9, 2007

i heart personalized napkins

After snooping around trying to find some fun items for our engagement party, my mom and I remembered For Your Party. Jake and I first found them at the Blue Plate Wedding Show. He spent most of his time at their table, drooling over the monogrammed matchbooks. I could only lure him away with cupcakes. It's so funny what gets him excited.

When I needed personalized napkins and stem wraps for the Red Cross Heroes Breakfast, I placed an order with them. It was within our budget (they gave us a little non profit discount), there was great customer service and they got it to us quickly. We were all very excited when the boxes arrived and we (and most importantly, the sponsor) were really happy with the result.

Mom and I ordered napkins with two clinking champagne glasses and "Natalie & Jake" underneath. I can't wait for them to show up next week!

Abby at Style Me Pretty (one of my favorites) just wrote a post about them. FYP just unveiled a new website and there are all kinds of fun things on there.

You can make everything right on their website... try it out! It's fun!

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