Thursday, August 9, 2007

i heart dahlias, too

It was during my first meeting with a florist that I heard the heartbreaking news. Peonies- my all-time favorite flower, the flower that prompted me to choose Indiana for my 5th grade state report, the flower that grows big and beautiful in my mom's yard- are out of season in September. I would have to pay a bazillion dollars to get them shipped in. Oh, and those ranunculus that I had been eying? Also out of season. Garden roses? In season! But crazy expensive.

So the very nice florist recommended dahlias...

photo from Rose and Radish

photo from flickr

photo from flickr

They are kinda like peonies, but the petals are pointy instead of rounded. They come in beautiful colors and all different sizes. And... Martha Stewart, in her infinite wisdom, has created a kit to make them out of tissue paper! I bought some in her craft department at Michaels. I have started making them and I think I am going to keep going until I get really sick of them. My tissue paper collection has started as well. "Oh, thank you for the lovely handbag!" really means "Oooh... look at all the tissue paper they crammed into this box!"

I think Jake took our camera with him on his work trip, so I had to take the photo with my Photo Booth on my Mac. It's not so hot, but you get the idea. Making them was fun :) Ask me again after I hit 200 tissue paper dahlias.

As a side note, although I do love Martha Stewart, she is the reason that I fell in love with Ranunculus and Garden Roses. And paper covered vases. And letterpress. All the things that will make me cringe when I try to squeeze them into my budget.

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