Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Welcome to my Brain!

Since Jake and I became engaged last December, I have been trying to hold back on my wedding craziness. I knew that once I unleashed my inner wedding planner, I would not be able to rein her back in. I was doing pretty well until I quit my job a few weeks ago. I will be going back to school at the end of the month and I wanted some time off to plan, go on vacation with my family and get everything set for graduate school.

The planning has taken over. Yes, I am working on my FAFSA application. Yes, I have opted out of the insurance plan. And yes, we are leaving for vacation on Saturday. But... I have been checking Weddingbee and the Knot message boards obsessive-compulsively. I have been dress shopping. I have started to create a timeline for the next year. I kinda love it.

I decided to start blogging here because the lovely website that Jake created wasn't cutting it for me, creative-wise. I couldn't really go to town with all my planning ideas. It has been really nice for updating my friends and family about what is going on with us. I just don't think my aunt and my former coworkers want to read all about my debate between chocolate brown and champagne bridesmaids dresses. However... I am hoping that some other brides to be might be interested!

Anyway, welcome... I hope for lots of comments, suggestions, and playing of the devil's advocate. I also hope to steal lots and lots of other people's ideas. Let's go!

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