Friday, September 14, 2007

i heart anthropologie dishes

Anthropologie is my favorite store, hands down. Its like a department store that only carries my favorite things. I have a hard time walking out of there without something- a dress, a headband, some hand lotion, a candle. It is the best place for gifts!

If I could, I would decorate my entire house in Anthropologie. That is the first thing that pops into my head when I play the "what if I won the lottery?" game. Couches, bedding, chandeliers, oh my! I also love the dishes. I have had the latte bowls for years and they are the best things in the world for cereal. I can't eat cereal out of another bowl anymore, I spill all over myself.

I have been playing around with the idea of registering there, but they don't have the best system. They have a wishlist, which can be used for any variety of things. Its more set up for a birthday or Christmas list. It hasn't quite caught up with Pottery Barn as far as ease of use. Its also not searchable on the Knot or, my two sources for finding someone's registry. So, I decided to compromise with myself. 95% of our registry will be housed elsewhere, but I will put the fancy dishes on my Anthropologie wishlist, along with a few glasses and more latte bowls!

Here are our fancy dishes:

How cute is that sugar bowl?! The colors seem a little funny here, but they are all part of the same collection so they are the same shade of white. They remind me of my Gramy's milkglass that I love.


  1. I almost got the top right ones too! They have them at Macys! I also fell in love with Sophie Conran's stuff at Anthroplogie and Macys carries them too! ;)

  2. Macy's, huh? That might be a little easier than Anthropologie! I will have to look into that, thank you!

  3. I love the anthroplogie style glasses and dishes so much that I opened a store for antique and vintage glass. Check it out!


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