Friday, September 7, 2007

i heart ariella chezar

Oh, if only I lived in Albany... I could have my wedding flowers designed by the lovely and talented Ariella Chezar. I am not sure what the other benefits of living in Albany are, but that is definitely a big perk.

Just look at this...

And this!
Ohhh and this...

That dress is kind of fabulous. Don't you wish that you could get a list of vendors with every wedding photo?

I think that Ms. Chezar will travel for her art, but my budget doesn't include those kinds of expenses. I have been interviewing several florists and they all seem very talented, but I keep coming back to these photos and getting jealous. At least she shows a lot of her design online so that I can try and replicate it here.

How did you pick your florist?

1 comment:

  1. I am a florist, and obsessed with Ariella Chezar. I can always tell it is her work. I'll be flipping through a magazine, and say, gosh, that sure looks like something A.C. would do. Sure enough it always is. She is so incredible!!


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