Friday, September 28, 2007

i heart cafe brauer or i heart my venue (part 3)

Our final decision really came down between Cafe Brauer and CSO. The pressure was on for me to make up my mind and I was having a really hard time. Jake was trying to help by not helping. He loved them all and figured I would make the right choice. He did have his opinion, but whenever I would ask for it he would say that I already knew what I wanted and I should just sign the contract. I hate it when he is right!

We visited Cafe Brauer with my parents on our tour of downtown Chicago locations. I used to run there all the time when I lived in Lincoln Park. I also worked "freelance" (read: cheap weekend labor) for a large event planning company and I had been there once or twice to set up for a wedding. It is a sweet and magical kind of place. It is a prairie style building next door to the Lincoln Park Zoo. There are huge windows and an amazing view of the Chicago skyline from the balconies. The area that surrounds it is perfect for pictures- the park, the lake, the skyline- and with the zoo right next door there would be something for our guests to do in between the ceremony and the reception.

Here are some of my favorite photos from flickr-

Thomas Slack Photography

Aren't those hanging votives beautiful? When the lights are low, it makes it look like their are stars floating above the crowd. I love, love, love Cafe Brauer and I am so very excited to be holding my reception there.

If you want to revel more in the beauty of the CB, visit Joree Adilman Weinstein's photos on flickr.


  1. i can't wait. i know it will be the most perfect evening. i heart you!

  2. that's the cutest thing you have ever said. :)


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