Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i heart champagne

One of the unfortunate details in our liquor contract is that we have to pay for a champagne toast by the glass. I LOVE champagne/sparkling wine and I would prefer to have it flowing all night. I also don't think that everyone (Jake, namely) likes the bubbly as much as I do and so many glasses will go to waste.

If I could have my way, I would bring in a few cases and just let everyone pass the bottles around. I would also get something a little better than the Freixenet that is currently part of my package. We tried Coppola's Sofia at our engagement party. It was yummy and came in a beautiful shabby chic bottle. That bottle was wrapped in pink plastic wrap, which adds a little excitement.

It was a little sweeter than I usually prefer, but not sugary enough to turn me away from it. I also love that it is named after Sofia Coppola and I usually enjoy her movies. Her father, aside from being a famous movie maker, also has a beautiful vineyard in Napa where he makes some very tasty Cabernet.

There is also a mini, canned version of this champagne which might be adorable at a wedding reception. The cans are cute, anyway. The popping noise might be kind of funny right before the toast. I guess it depends on what kind of bride/hostess you are. Crass and quirky is apparently right in my wheelhouse.

If I really wanted to implode my budget, I would buy a few cases of Vueve Clicquot Rose. The VC Yellow Label was my gateway drug into the world of fizzy cocktails. I have been totally on board with the recent re-emergence of pink champagne and the VC Rose is a great example.

Nothing like thinking about champagne at 7:30 in the morning! Mimosa, anyone?

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  1. I am totally thinking about serving Sofia Blanc De Blanc at my wedding ! We went to the vineyard on our first date as an official "couple" and I think it's fabulously tasty stuff ! Love your blog !


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