Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i heart the fact that i chose my own fiance

Update! This IS a fake, thank goodness. It has been haunting me for days. Here is the article. Thanks Miranda!

Sorry to go off my normal happy topic route, but I wanted to share something crazy.

While avoiding my schoolwork this morning, I found a post about on one of my favorite blogs. It seems to arrange marriages between the parents of a teenage girl and an online suitor for a large fee. I am not one to judge, particularly when it comes to religion, but how can you sell your daughter's future? Are the girls actively participating in this? I can't even imagine the kind of man who would use that site to find his (15 year old) wife.

I understand that arranged marriage is a time honored tradition in some countries and since that is not a part of my culture I would not try to critique it. This just seems to take a strange twist on that tradition. Is this kind of money usually involved? And at that age? In this country?

This one in particular bothered me.

If you can't get control of your daughter, why would you count on a strange man to do it for you? Someone please tell me this is a joke... That propose button is kind of comical though. Its like you can just add her to your shopping cart!

This makes me so appreciative of what I have with Jake and of our future together. We got to choose each other after learning a lot of lessons about relationships and love. And dowries were not involved, at least to my knowledge. Thanks to Manolo for the Brides for sharing.

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