Friday, September 7, 2007

i heart kaldi's coffee

Right now I am snuggled up on my couch, listening to the rain, watching Golden Girls and drinking a cup of my all-time favorite coffee. I don't have class tonight so I can put my reading off a little longer. Maisy is sound asleep on a pillow next to me. I could only be happier if Jake wasn't trying to fly home from Boston right now- the rain isn't helping.

Last weekend Jake and I went to St. Louis for my friend's beautiful wedding. I wrote more about the trip on our wedding site, go take a look. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Kaldi's Coffee. Its located down the street from my first apartment and I went there almost daily. All of their coffee is delicious, but one brew makes me smile just thinking about it. Highlander Grogg. Strange name, amazing taste. Thank goodness they were serving it Saturday morning. It has a rich flavor and a hint of maple. Yummm...

That is Kaldi's in the background. Don't I look happy?

I brought home a pound of the Grogg and I am drinking it now. Ahhh... It got me to thinking- I wonder if Calihan would let me buy a few pounds of beans to serve with dessert. I had mentioned serving Intelligentsia to her earlier and my coordinator went for it, so this should work too. I have to pay for the beans anyway, regardless of what they serve, so I might as well make sure its something delicious!


  1. God damn, you look like mom. When did that happen?

  2. I know, I said the same thing when I saw this picture. Isn't it crazy?

  3. small world - i was at kaldi's last night. lived on northwood for 3 years and then alamo for 1 year. the only reason i didn't want to move out of the hood was kaldi's.


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