Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i heart my brother

Me and my dad

My brother Charlie is an aspiring journalist and, I believe, stand-up comedian. He is also a pretty gifted photographer. He took some photos at the engagement party and put his favorites together in a Picasa Album. I thought I would share these since the comments are very funny. I can't tell if you need to be a Moran to get it, but I will throw it out there anyway.

The cast of characters includes my dad (tan polo, glasses), my mom (brunette, glasses) my sister Elise (the other blonde), my brother Charlie (light green polo), my brother Peter (dark green polo), Elise's boyfriend Bill (glasses), their new puppy Bobby, Jake's niece Sophie (the little blonde who was having way too much fun in the puppy play pen), my Grampy, Jake (cute guy in navy polo) and me (purple dress). Enjoy!

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