Friday, September 21, 2007

i heart my venue (part 2)

Growing up, my only real experience with a country club was the historic Medinah Country Club in the Chicago suburbs. It is gorgeous- the grounds, the trees, the clubhouse... I always dreamed about getting married in the ballroom. The ceiling is painted with clouds. There is a stage with a huge velvet curtain and the wood floors seem to go on for miles. For an 8 year old girl, it was like a playground.

Both my mom and I always imagined my wedding at Medinah. When Jake and I went to visit with my parents, there were a lot of upsides. Besides the beauty of the place, Medinah comes equipped with an excellent staff, a gourmet chef and tables, chairs and linens.

Here are some photos from their site. Unfortunately, we didn't take any oursleves while we were there.

The major downside was that it was quite a haul from our church in Lincoln Park. I was also looking for something a little different from the standard country club suburban wedding. Although Medinah is anything but standard, the "country club" setting wasn't settling with me. After a little heartbreak, we decided to keep looking.

Number two in our final list was the lovely Chicago Symphony Center, home to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I LOVED this place. The ballroom was gorgeous. You could wander around, sit in the fancy boxes and check out the amazing view down Michigan Avenue.

This picture is pretty bad, but yet again, we took no photos while we were there. Picture a Marie Antoinette-esque ballroom in ivory and gold, huge windows looking out onto Millennium Park and the Art Institute and a brand-new hardwood floor. The main problem was that the ballroom could only hold 175 people, and we were hoping for 175 people. Another problem was that the CSO's schedule had not yet been set as of last December and they wouldn't book us without knowing whether or not they would be performing. Done and done. I was very sad.

Moving on... to the final installment and our selection.

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