Thursday, September 20, 2007

i heart peacocks!

Bzzzzz... What's that noise? Oh, it must be the new Weddingbee, Miss Peacock!

That was so cheesy I am having a hard time not hitting delete. But a post like this deserves a cheesy opener!

I am going to be a bee! I submitted my application a little prematurely last June. I received a response back from Ms. Lovebug that I was their first bee with that long of a time span between application and actually wedding date (Score! Can't you feel my enthusiasm?!). Ms. Lovebug asked me to resubmit my application this winter, but in the meantime they would keep an eye on our wedding blog. That inspired me to create i heart peonies so that I could post more on my planning and DIY, keeping in step with what Weddingbee is really about.

Then, a few weeks ago, I got this email:
Hi Natalie!
The bees overwhelmingly agree - your blog is great!!!! We'd love to add you as a bee, but your wedding is still a bit far away, and we probably won't be able to add you for a couple months.
But in the meantime, you can choose a character (a flower, a candy, or a bird) if you'd like and we'll hold it for you. We'll be sending over more details shortly, but we just want to say welcome to weddingbee!!!!!!!

My immediate reaction was to scream and jump around the family room. Maisy was a bit alarmed. Jake was on his way home from the airport. I called, out of breath, to see when he would be home. Here is our conversation...
Jake: Why? What happened?! Did you get an assistantship (funding for my PhD program that I have been waiting on)?!

Me, slightly disheartened: No...

Jake: Did our condo sell?

Me: No. You are ruining it!

Jake: Oh, then, I'll just see you when I get home.

Me: Boo. Goodbye.

He showed some restrained excitement once he had a chance to read the email, but I was still going crazy. I called my parents and emailed friends. My dad was confused- "So, are they paying you?" They are paying me with blogging love, Dad.

I had a hard time picking between flowers, candy and birds. Clearly, Miss Peony was my first choice but someone had already snatched that up. My other thought was Miss Dahlia but I had no emotional attachement to Dahlias- unlike the freshly announced Miss Dahlia! Read her post here. As much as I love candy, I don't think Miss Swedish Fish rolls off the tongue. I kept coming back to peacocks for a variety of reasons. One is my love for Clue and the payoff of being Mrs. Peacock would be oh-so-nice. Another is this fun photo from Jake and my engagement trip of me chasing a peacock, while attempting to walk like a peacock.

Find the symbolism in this photo.

Yet another is my love of the peacock colors which will undoubtedly be making an appearance in my wedding. And finally, peacock starts with a "p," as does Jake's last name.

I'm not sure exactly when we will make our debut, but in the meantime, here is my little peacock.
Did the NBC chimes just go off in your head, too?


  1. Congratulations miss peacock!! I have enjoyed reading thru your blog and can't wait to read your posts on Weddingbee. Peacock feathers are all the rage right now. What a perfect name!

  2. Hi Miss Peacock! Miss Dahlia here.

    You responded to my post about politics and marriage, and I thought I'd stop by and say hi- and that it'll be awesome to have another poli sci grad student in the hive :-)

  3. Hi to you Miss Dahlia! I kind of got the impression that you were a poli sci grad student when you mentioned game theory in your bio :) Odd that Weddingbee would choose two of us! I am so excited to get started.

  4. It is good to find someone else out there who not only gets the whole grad school and getting married thing, but political science as well. At least where I am, poli sci grad students are their own special breed of crazy. :-D

    In case you have trouble finding the article, the authors are Burns, Schlozman and Verba- the title is "The Public Consequences of Private Inequality: Family Life and Citizen Participation." And yes, I did read it for class :-)


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