Friday, October 26, 2007

i heart cheesecake lollipops

I don't actually "heart" cheesecake. I have eaten a lot of good cheesecake (Eli's is a hometown favorite) but it just never knocks out one of my top five desserts: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, Hagen Daz Bailey's Irish Cream Ice Cream, lemon cake with cream cheese frosting, my mom's cranberry white chocolate cookies and my mom's Milky Way cake.

Cheesecake is Jake's favorite and he really wanted some cheesecake at the wedding in addition to our wedding cake. I really don't want a traditional sweets table with the cream puffs and petit fours. In my experience, everything is usually so dry by the end of the night that I avoid it all together. I will not, however, deny my guests the goods! So, we are having a version of a sweets table that includes wedding cake, a few surprises and cheesecake lollipops.

Everything tastes better on a stick, don't you think? Particularly when it has been dipped in chocolate.

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