Wednesday, October 17, 2007

i heart happy dreams

I had my first wedding nightmare last night. Apparently this is a right of passage and that all brides have them, but I am not looking forward to the next one! I did, however, manage to give it a happy ending.

Its the morning of "the big day." For whatever reason, My mom and I have another wedding to attend that morning, starting at 9am. Some random girl with insane 80's hair is having her wedding in Kinnick Stadium at the University of Iowa. It is, effectively, a rock concert. There is a stage at one end where the ceremony is taking place and the seats are packed with screaming fans. I kept thinking, how can one person know so many people? I start feeling bad about my meager 200 person guest list. Why don't I have more friends?!

Then I realize it is 11:15 and my makeup artist was due to arrive at 9am. I have no idea where the rest of the bridesmaids are because I forgot to tell them what time to meet me. Why didn't I make those schedules I was planning on making? Why do I always procrastinate? Why, oh why, didn't I plan better? My mom and I rush to this dingy hotel suite that I had reserved for us all to get ready in. It was so dark and gross and I just started crying. My memory starts to get fuzzy here, but at some point I realized it was a dream. My wedding isn't for another year!

Instead of waking up, I decide to turn it into a happy dream. Strange, but true. I conjure up some schedules and imagine that I had handed them out weeks ago. I bibbity-bobbity-boo it and suddenly the dingy suite is a gorgeous lounge with lots of gourmet food and flowing champagne. I literally remember waving a wand and suddenly all of my bridesmaids had perfectly styled hair. It was so fun, I can't even describe it.

In the dream I thought, when I wake up, I am going to make that schedule! Then my procrastinating mind got the better of me and reminded me that I still have 11 months to go. Hopefully, I will be receiving that magic wand from my registry because I will never learn...

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