Tuesday, October 2, 2007

i heart my european vacation

I saw a post on Weddex this morning about the 3rd wedding anniversary of Katie Lee and Billy Joel. What an amazing wedding! I love the colors and the warm glow. That Marcy Blum is pretty amazing! I included a photo with Howard Stern and his fiance Beth purely for Jake's enjoyment- but I am sure you can imagine the guest list.

What I particularly love about this wedding is that I knew Katie Lee before she tacked the Joel onto her last name. The summer before my junior year in college, I traveled to Europe through a school study abroad program. We lived in Florence (ahhh, so nice) and were able to travel all over due to our three-day work weeks. Not that school was all that bad- we studied the art, architecture and literature of Florence. Our guide to the art and architecture was a beautiful man from Liverpool who reminded me of Hugh Grant. It was so amazing to be able to talk about the Birth of Venus, and then go look at it. Talk about the Medicis, and then go look at their castles. I guess the David was cool, too. The literature part was pretty fabulous too as I was as big of a political science geek then as I am now and Machiavelli really does it for me!

Anyway, there were about 8 of us who traveled around together, including myself and Katie. We went to Venice, Nice, spent a night in Genoa when the G-8 Conference was in town and protesters wouldn't let the trains move, Munich and Interlochen. One of my favorite memories of Katie was in Interlochen when we decided to go canyoning. You basically jump of cliffs into tiny little pools of water, fight freezing cold currents and occasionally remember that you are in the Alps. The beefy Australian guides would tell you not to worry, you will be fine... but if you move your head out of that position you will break your neck. Katie ended up getting scared and hurting herself, but we had to keep going because once you jump off a cliff there is no turning back- literally, we weren't mountain climbers! She turned to the guides at the end and said "I can't believe I paid you to do that to me!" I wish I had owned a digital camera then, because I would post some of those photos. I transfered schools and unfortunately I lost touch with a lot of those girls. They were great travel buddies and I wish I could do it all over again!

Katie was warm and funny and I am so glad I got to know her. Happy Anniversary Joels!

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  1. That's so cool that you knew her back then! My friends and I were sooooo jealous when she married Billy Joel. What a lucky girl!


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