Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i heart our engagement photos!

We already have our engagement photos! Although several remind me that I should stop laughing in public to avoid showing off my extra chins, there are some really fun ones. I ended up making another trip to Anthropologie (because its the only store I know how to shop at, apparently) and I found a fun, flowy shirt and a jersey jacket. The jacket was this gorgeous golden yellow color and it made me hopeful for fall leaves at the Morton Arboretum.

Dean asked us if we wanted to bring Maisy along and we, of course, said yes. We love that dog, and you can tell from these photos. Dean had suggested that we go for a beer before the photo shoot and we both concluded that we should have listened to him. It was such a strange experience and I think a little liquid courage could have helped us relax. We had to look casual and unposed while being very aware of the camera on us at all times. Jake makes me laugh, a lot, and you can also detect that in these pictures. I think thats the only way I got through it!

I read a few tips from Weddingbee and other blogs before I went and I thought they were helpful. I will try and do that in another post as well, based on our experience.

Here are a few of the photos and there are more on his site. Enjoy!

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