Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i heart chicago

from my very talented photographer, Dean Thorsen

After seeing this post on Chitown Bride, I was inspired to start a little Chicago blogroll. Check it out on the right hand side. I LOVE my beautiful city and all the creativity it has to offer. I have been trying to include as much local stuff as I can, but I think I could do a little more. I have learned in the past few weeks that there are quite a few talented Chicago bloggers and I hope this will recognize their inspiration in a special way. If I left you off, I don't know about you! Please leave a note in the comments so that I can highlight your work as well.


  1. Yea! I heart Chicago. Thanks for the shout-out. I absolutely love your site and am so excited to hear that you will be part of the Wedding Bee folks too!

  2. Hi- I heart Chicago too! I am also planning my wedding in Chicago and love reading your blog... I just recently started a new blog... http://inthisinstance.blogspot.com/


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