Friday, November 2, 2007

i heart the english countryside

Bridal magazines keep telling me that I can have my dream wedding. To me, "dream wedding" means no budget and I can be as bridezilla-ish as I desire. I can't really ever have my dream wedding because I have a budget and I want to keep my friends. I can, however, dream- and this is my dream:
That, my friends, is Hartham Park. The estate is in Wiltshire, England and it reminds me of every Jane Austen novel I have ever read. Mr. Darcy is just waiting behind those doors. The wedding would start with a welcome dinner at Hartham Park on Thursday night, with white gloved servers and lots and lots of champagne. Friday would be full of cricket playing or long walks on the grounds. On Saturday, horse drawn carriages would take everyone to the ceremony, held at a stone chapel kind of like this one-

My dress would be enormous and lace and I would wear a loooooong lace veil. The bridesmaids could wear whatever crazy thing they wanted to, as long as they agreed to the one rule for all the lady guests: hats required (that is where I would lose most of my guests in the real world, but I am still dreaming).
After a little carriage ride back to Hartham Park, guests would be greeted by yummy comfort food hors d'ouvers and cold glasses of Fat Tire beer. For dinner, I hate English food and since this is my dream everyone would eat sesame encrusted seared tuna, sweet potato fries and grilled asparagus. Dessert would be Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream cake, McD's shamrock shakes and my mom's cranberry and white chocolate cookies. There would be a barista from Kaldi's coffee making lattes and mochas for everyone. Michelle Rago would be on hand to design my flowers and lighting. Guests would receive Cartier cuff links or earrings on their way back to their rooms.

Our honeymoon would last months, starting with a tour of Europe including a week in Lake Como. We would then hop a plane for a tour of Australia and a few days at Bedarra Island. I guess we would come back home after all that fun. No one would be upset with us for making them wear hats and fly to Europe because we paid for the whole thing. That was fun to think about, now back to planning my pretty Chicago wedding with as much of England as I can bring into it.

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  1. oh, this is perfect for you! check out thomas fahey's english country garden bridal shoot. it fits right in with what you want!



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