Thursday, November 8, 2007

i heart housemartin

I have been scouting the housemartin site for awhile now, waiting for my bouquet. The writer, who owns ink & peat home and floral in Portland, makes THE most gorgeous bouquets. Each one is so unique, with amazing texture and color. I am always sooo in love when I see a new post in my Google Reader with another wedding bouquet or centerpiece that she designed. As amazing as they each were, I sat waiting. None of them quite hit the mark as far as printing it for discussions with my florist until I saw this beauty:

It is just what I have been waiting for. Done and done.


  1. natalie moran? no way! I just came across your blog via weddingbee...congratulations & I LOVE your blog!

    --Noel Wagner (remember me?)

    p.s. I just got married last September and it is the perfect month for weddings--good pick!

  2. I just posted a message over on your blog. Of course I remember you ;)


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