Sunday, November 25, 2007

i heart pale pink and green

Jake helped me finish a new board this morning and I am in love with it. I dropped the yellow and picked up a little more green. I think it will really complement Cafe Brauer, my dress and the other accessories that I have been purchasing. There are lots and lots of flowers...

Images from
Martha: row 3, first image; row 4, first image
Livia Cetti: row 1, middle image
Petal Play Designs: row 2, last image
Bloom Room (thank you Daisy Chain): all other images

He also helped me make a few fun changes to the site in keeping with the theme. What do you think?


  1. oh my god, i love it. it's rustic but elegant. GREAT job!

  2. What a gorgeous inspiration board! Great job.

  3. Beautiful! I love all the pale pink flowers and I think you are right- it would complement Cafe Brauer.

    Thanks for adding me to your Chicago blog roll!

  4. The board is full of beautiful ideas!

  5. I heart your blog! And pale pink and green are my colors too!

    Good luck on exams and have fun in NYC!

    If you have a moment, I've tagged you on my blog!

    -A Belle Abroad.

  6. beautiful and romantic! the bouquet on the top row middle is done by the florist we have hired for our Feb 2008 wedding, Livia at The Green Vase. love her style....


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