Monday, November 19, 2007

i heart personlized napkins, take two

I posted awhile ago about the adorable personalized napkins that my mom purchased for our engagement party. I received an email today from For Your Party announcing a few new additions to their site. The site has received a pretty major overhaul since I ordered last summer and it is definitely for the better. Everything is very interactive and creative. I think they have really changed up the old personalized matchbooks and their new products are pretty gorgeous.

Click on "Get the Look" to see the results of their partnerships with Hello!Lucky and Cid Pear. Here are my favorites-

It is a little too easy to coordinate everything... this might be addictive. I love the coasters n the last design. Speaking of coasters, these leather beauties would make a fun gift-
I also love that you can send them an image that you created for your wedding and they will work with you to incorporate it into your printed items. If you designed a monogram or a brand, you can create all kinds of fun things with it.

Oh, and they are based out of the Chicago area. Bonus!

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