Thursday, November 8, 2007

i heart THESE garters

I decided a long time ago that I wasn't going to have a garter toss at my wedding. The whole "husband's head under my dress in public" thing in the middle of my lovely reception strikes me as a little crass- and I am going for class. I know its tradition and a lot of people include it as part of the entertainment for the night, but I have been ignoring tradition left and right so I am at peace with this decision. Then Jake told me that he planned on going under my dress and then coming back up with a HUGE pair of underpants (and some other symbolically dirty things that I won't mention here) and that sealed the deal- no go on the garter toss.

A post on Monolo for the Brides today made me think twice about skipping the garter all together. These etsy finds change up the traditional image of a bridal garter.

From Bayou Bijoux

Peacock feathers! From MiaVonMinx

From Primrose Bride

From piperewan

It might be fun to hide one of these under my dress. I just won't show Jake, because next thing you know the Bulls theme song will be playing and giant underpants will be flying.

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