Friday, November 16, 2007

i heart the violet hour

There is a GORGEOUS bar in Chicago that I have been itching to get back to- the Violet Hour. The whole time I was there I could not stop thinking about the amazing wedding reception that I could throw there. Talk about design inspiration! When I saw photos on Apartment Therapy- Chicago I could hardly contain myself. One day, I will have a room that looks just like this:

It reminds me of Versailles. I love those deep blue velvet curtains and the white framing on the walls. If I were to plan a wedding reception there, I would swap out those tall, dark chairs for cozy white couches. The flowers would be soft pink with hints of silver like this bouquet from housemartin.

If you have not been and you live in Chicago, you need to go. If you have not been to Chicago... well, you are missing out on many levels! The customer service at Violet Hour unreal- the doorman apologized for not being able to seat us, then escorted us inside to a spot at the bar and handed us a menu. The drinks are original and delicious. I am looking for an excuse to go back!

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  1. Love it! violet is so beautiful, soft and soothing. At the moment, I'm a bit obsessed with with the color. Just recently I was in the Morgane Le Fay store in Soho nyc, which has similar color scheme. It a raw loft space, with huge bistro mirrors leaning up against the walls complete with gorgeous velvet curtins in the dressing room. The whole time I kept thinking, too bad this is a retail store because it would be a fantastic location for a party/wedding or even a home. Now I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures.


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