Saturday, December 29, 2007

i heart a good, clean shave

Mrs. Onion's post this morning reminded me of a conversation that I had with Jake and his sisters at Christmas. I think the conversation started with me talking about how I didn't know how to make my manicures last longer than a few days. After recommending that I add a coat of clear polish each day after the manicure, one of Jake's sisters advised that Jake get a manicure before the wedding. She mentioned that there were several close-ups of their hands (with their new rings) in her wedding album and that you would notice jagged cuticles. Jake just recoiled at the though of a manicure. Another of Jake's sisters mentioned that her husband would NEVER let a stranger near his cuticles. They both had some vague dislike of manicurists touching their hands, particularly in a salon. I mentioned that there are several men-only salons in Chicago, but that didn't make them feel any better.

Our photographer is a photojournalist, so I doubt we will have any of these in our album-
from the Harrah's in Reno website

Is it still a good precaution? Maybe Jake would let me do his mani rather than go for the full spa experience. I could see him getting a professional shave that morning since those can be done in a barber shop- and therefore, it is a "manly" experience. He also didn't start using conditioner until we started dating, so we need to move in baby steps.

Did your hubby get a manicure or will your fiance get one? For the married readers, did you notice his nails in any of your photos, or is this something that my wedding brain is overthinking?


  1. my hubby loves getting manicures - it makes his hands feel so much better! tell your fiancee it's not feminine, it's just good grooming!

  2. my fiancee has gone to a few of the "men's salons" like American Male where they do a "sport manicure" with the haircut and he liked how his hands felt afterwards. I don't think I could ever get him to go to somewhere I go though :)

    he is planning on getting a professional shave and probably a "sport manicure" the day of the wedding... he wants to 'look good!'

  3. hey there nat, I know i am not married or engaged but I do have a bit of info for your blog... Joe recently was a "hand model" at work for a new piece of equipment and his jagged cuticles are now all over the ER! But now he really wants to get a manicure, I think he is secretly jealous that I get them. Also as far as our girly manicures go, I think it is all in getting a good manicure, if mine can last through 3 days of work that is one good manicure! I've been going to 2x10 nails on southport and it lasted a week, with 3 days of work (constant hand washing and having tape all over my fingers!)

  4. Hi Natalie. I think the key to your mani lasting really is adding a clear topcoat each day after the manicure. Maybe not that first or second day, but I think I start on the third day. I got a manicure on Dec. 22 and it's still looking pretty good (with the exception of one nail). And no, Marc would never get a men's manicure. Never. But I don't think he'd judge a guy for getting one! He does love a good barber's shave!

  5. I just found your blog (not sure how!) and think I can help. I got married in June, and had a more photojournalistic photographer as well. We didn't take the "ring hands on the bouquet" picture, but she did catch some great candids of both of our hands that are really pretty. One of me kind of wringing my hands before the ceremony and one of him leaning on a chair. My husband bites his nails, but that's part of his quirky charm, so I don't mind looking at his ragged nails. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but he is a man, after all. I think I got my manicure on the Wednesday before the Saturday wedding, added another top coat on Friday and it lasted fine.

    Good luck with all of your planning!


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