Thursday, January 31, 2008

after the party is the after party

Jake and I went to a gorgeous wedding in St. Louis for two of my college friends last Labor Day weekend. Since most of their guests were out-of-towners, they had a whole weekend of festivities planned. Jake and I stayed at the hotel where the wedding was located and, since it was a Marriott and Jake collects Marriott points like sunshine, we had a lovely room down the hall from the concierge lounge. My friend's family had booked the lounge for the entire weekend, filling it with homemade cookies (so very dangerous after a long night of "celebrating"), coffee, bottled water and occasionally some brewskis. There were also great maps of town and a welcome bag to help us fill our time that weekend. Unfortunately for Jake, he was dragged around on the "this is what Natalie did in college" tour and didn't have time to take them up on any of their lovely suggestions.

Since we have been engaged, every wedding that we attend is filled with "hmmm.. could we do that?", "should we do that?" or "oh my, I would never do that!" We had to have that concierge lounge. Jake's mom had already mentioned that she wanted to rent some kind of suite at our hotel for her grandkids to hang out in after they are done dancing. She wouldn't mind if we used it for other reasons, we just needed to get it booked. Done and done. So... what else could we do with that big, lonely suite after the grandkids are in bed?

Ummm... after party?

Classy! I won't be doing any keg stands, although I do foresee some Fat Tires (in a bottle). All we need is a room with a fridge and our most fun wedding guests. We plan on directing people back to our suite via our late night snack. The caterer will be passing out mini reubens on napkins with a secret message on it. "Pssst... keep the party going in Room 404!" It will be easy, inexpensive and we can keep the party going long after Cafe Brauer kicks us out.

Jake and I have been debating the snack options. We need something simple that we can either just leave in the fridge or order in advance. We also really don't want to spend very much money because I will have just handed over a HUGE check to the caterers. Any ideas? Anyone else through a stress-free after party?

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