Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun with a Laser Gun

Jake and I started our registry on Friday night. Although you wouldn't guess from looking at our kitchen, Jake loves to cook. There are just a few pots and pans, gadgets and utensils. Our knives are bad news. Every tool does double and triple duty. Because of this, we have been looking forward to registering for awhile. We weren't totally sure of what we were doing, but we did have a few rules:

1) If we have it and its in good condition, we don't need another one.
2) If we have never thought, "gee, I could really use a xxx," we don't need it. This came in handy with the ice cream maker/waffle iron/cappuccino maker
3) We don't need the most expensive version of anything. We made a small exception with the Kitchenaid mixer.
4) Just because an item is on the handy list of "things you should register for," it doesn't mean that we need it in our home.

Perusing the china patterns. Snooze.

Registering was kinda weird. I don't normally ask for gifts, other than when I was 12 and I handed a Christmas list to my mom. It was easy to keep things to a minimum when we considered who would read our lists and buy wedding gifts for us. The most fun part of the experience was wandering around the store, talking about what our new kitchen will look like and what kind of fun things we could make with some gadget. A lot of the conversation was "wouldn't it have been nice if we would have had that for the deep dish pizza you made the other night?" or "man, I wish Anthropologie had a better registry!"

Jake and "the lists"

After we got tired of wandering the store and had made a list of the things to add via the internets, we had pizza and wine at a fun new place in the Chicago's River North neighborhood. We went over our lists- the "what you should register for" list and the "what you did register for list." They didn't match perfectly, which made us happy. Mission accomplished, and we had fun together while we were at it.

Any other good tips that I left out?

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