Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i heart getting crafty

Santa brought me a tool kit for some of my little craft supplies. Santa noticed that I kept losing my xacto knife while making Christmas cards and got a little worried about me. I couldn't fit everything in there, but I was able to pack away all the little embossing powders, stamps and pens that I ALWAYS lose.

The rest is divided up between this storage container and those shopping bags. Craft supplies + trying to sell your condo= desperate need for organization. I'm still working on it.

Santa also worked hard to find a Gocco (PG-11). It has been sitting on our family room floor scaring me for a few days, but I finally busted it open this morning and I have started thinking about my save the dates. I can't wait to play with it! Who else has a PG-11 and wants to teach me how to use it?


  1. I have one! It was super-easy to use. I blogged about it and if what I did wasn't clear just ask!

  2. I see it! Thank you! The photos will be so helpful.


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