Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Martha Experience

Firstly, let me mention that Martha's wedding show is on tomorrow (Friday)... check your local listings and then tivo it because you are probably at work whenever it is on.

Jake and I were one of the lucky few engaged couples (along with Miss Lovebird) who won tickets to Martha Stewart's wedding show. Martha is cool and everything, but really I have a huge crush on Darcy Miller. She has an insanely cool job- she and Reem Acra are on a first name basis- and she does it so well. I think she might have my dream profession, if the whole grad school thing doesn't work out.

Anyway, we got to the studio about 2 hours before the doors opened. I was expecting a huge group to get there early, even though it was COLD out. I was right- there were about 30 women waiting to get in- all women. Jake gave me a loving "if this is what I think it is, you are in for a lot of trouble" look and I just meekly smiled. Uht oh. Where were the grooms?! The email said that you had to be part of a couple. Then I caught the sign on the door... that was the Tyra line. Martha was down the block. Close call.

Once we reached our true destination, we realized that we were the first to arrive. Yay! The two hours between our arrival and our entrance into the studio felt like an eternity, particularly when I was no longer able to feel my toes. A front row seat made me feel much better. Yay for being first in line! The show was obviously fabulous and I was thisclose to Darcy and was even able to pick up on some floral tips that she was giving the bride seated behind us (those with "friends in the show" got some one on one time). Badgley, Mischka and all their models sauntered past us (lotsa bling) and Wendy Kromer talked about her and Martha's new wedding cakes book. Darcy spent some time on how to personalize your wedding and then she and Martha showed off her new line of Wedgwood china. Oooooh, ahhhh.... mmmmm....

We ended making our day a talk show extravaganza with sweet seats at David Letterman. We have a friend in the show ;) Unfortunately, that didn't score us any private time with Mr. Letterman, but we did get some free t-shirts!

Here are some photos from our very exciting day. No pictures from Letterman- they will kick you out for those kinds of shenanigans!

First in line! If you are going to fly in from Chicago, you best go big

Front row! Watching the madness as they decide to scrap some kind of lamp segment

My most favoritest Martha cake ever

Martha had an emergency at her apartment, so she left Darcy behind for the Q&A

Darcy telling the audience that you can never register for too much china

Let me know what you thought of the show!


  1. Saw it! You guys looked great! Such big exciting.

  2. I saw the show, that is some nice swag you got! Looks like so much fun.


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