Sunday, January 27, 2008

pretty things for rings, part II

Like quite a few other people, I fell in love with the Scarlet Alley orb.

I hesitate to even post that picture as they have stopped making the orb and this might provoke frustration and frenzied ebay searching.

Since the orb is out, I have been looking for a pretty little something to hold my rings while I am getting ready in the morning or while I am writing papers. Currently, I take it off and leave it on the sink, on my notebooks, in my makeup bag... I am totally asking for it. I need a dedicated spot for my ring or I know I am going to lose it.

I dug around on etsy and in my Google reader and found a few fun options.

You can customize your message on these little bowls from Etsy seller palomasnest

from Etsy seller JDWolfePottery

The Loyal Loot Log Bowl from Rose and Radish
Michael Aram Lotus Dish

Any other good ideas for keeping your ring safe?

1 comment:

  1. I love the little bowls in that first picture! I actually just ordered an orb from Everyday Artifact. They told me that they only had two blue interior orbs left, but they do have purple and white...


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