Sunday, February 3, 2008

the wedding show

Aside from the Paper Wedding event, the Wedding Show at the Chicago History Museum was the best wedding show that I have attended in the past year. Blue Plate and the Chicago History Museum are holding the event again this year on March 13, and if you live in the Chicago area I really recommend going.

The very pretty Chicago History Museum

These two events had several things going for them: they are free, they chose great vendors, the atmosphere was warm and friendly and finally, they were free (did I mention that already?). The free thing is kind of important to me because I think it is crazy to ask me to pay you so that you can hand out marketing materials. Yes, I know that attendees usually get some snacks and drinks, but really those are just edible ads. I'm not sure how you create a fun atmosphere, but when the staff is attentive and friendly, there is free food and drinks and you get a good crowd, there is a good chance for a good time.

Here is my review of last year's event.
I attended the Wedding Show on Tuesday night, hosted by Blue Plate Catering and the Chicago History Museum. Because a certain someone backed out at the last minute, I dragged Jake along with me. After scoping out the joint, I spent several minutes convincing him that he wouldn’t be “the only dude there” and that no one would think that he was a sissy boy. I neglected to mention that the other men in attendance were working- catering staff, photographers, cleaning crew… There were a few grooms, but they were, in fact, sissy boys.

The Chicago History Museum is awesome. They have an amazing outdoor space that would have been nice for cocktails and the Tiffany glass surrounding the room makes it glow. It was a great venue for the Wedding Show. Models dressed in wedding and bridesmaid dresses wandered around with distressed "modely" looks on their faces. Blue Plate passed around a specialty cocktail that had some kind of raspberry thing going on and some delicious appetizers. They also had three stations set up to showcase their desserts (mmmm… donuts), brunch and late night menus. Jake enjoyed the mini-burgers and the mini-grilled cheese (served over a shot glass of delicious tomato soup). I loved the mini-pears with gorgonzola and the bellinis.

There were quite a few great vendors in attendance. Kloeckner Preferred Flowers was giving out beautiful delphinium orchids with their business cards attached. The orchids were showcased in a variety of colors in their 8 displayed floral arrangements. I was excited to see the Cake Girls table. Their cakes are often featured in the bridal magazines and I enjoyed seeing their them up close. They can do anything with fondant, I swear.

Jake was most excited about For Your Party, a company that creates custom wedding napkins, matchbooks, coasters, etc. Jake is all about the matchbooks and napkins. I could do with out them, but since it won’t be terribly expensive I won’t stop that train. They are very pretty and maybe even classy- for monogrammed napkins. We met a few photographers that night, with Rosalind Weddings coming out on top. Although I am still attached to another photographer, Rosalind had beautiful albums on display and she seemed very low key. I also met a make-up artist but I am not so excited about that part so I can’t remember her name. If you are reading this, mystery make-up lady, I apologize. You were very nice and according to your website you have done Jeff Tweedy’s make-up a few times, so I will think about you later.

It was a fun experience, overall. It was nice to spend time with my bridesmad Christine (a Blue Plate employee who was running the show) as she barked at the models to get to the other end of the room. I learned that Jake will be happier if you take him straight to the mini-burgers and momogrammed napkins before we proceed to the florists. I also learned that the wedding industry knows how to get you where it hurts. Apparently, I need to start my facials NOW! to get that fresh-faced look on “the most important day of my life.” As long as Jake and I can keep our heads on straight, this should be a fun ride!

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  1. Very nice post, done with the pics there. I really always look forward to the wedding show.


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