Sunday, February 3, 2008

a paper wedding

I am really swearing off wedding related events, i.e. bridal expos, trunk shows, bridal luncheons, vendor showcases and "evenings of bridal luxury." I don't care how much free champagne and cupcakes they offer me, I am DONE. However, I went to Paper Source's Paper Weddings last year and I briefly flirted with going back for a second round. There were two shows that I have attended in the past year that were actually helpful, and this was definitely one of them (I will write about the other one soon). The event is coming up again in February and it sounds like it will keep all the goodies from the last round and throw in a few more. The tutorials are priceless and I made friends with a few other paper fetishists.

Here is my review of last year's event to give you a taste of what the event has to offer. If there is one in your area and you have even a passing interest in either DIY or pretty paper, I highly recommend going.
I spent the day at one of my favorite places in the whole world- the Paper Source in Lincoln Park. I arrived a little late for the Paper Wedding event. It was an open house with project demos, vendors, champagne (my favorite), treats and a whole bunch of brides-to-be. It was a little weird being in a place with so many flashy rings! The lower level had two demo tables and walls full of paper, note cards and envelopes. This area can be a little more intimidating if you are not yet and experienced Paper Source customer. The upper level had most of the kits, pre-made note cards, silk gift items and anything and everything else. This is also where the vendors were giving out business cards and freebies.

I started on the lower level at the demo table for “Savvy Save the Dates.” The employee demo-ing the project was adorable and very excited to talk about stamps, glue and glitter. I think that the highlight was learning how to emboss stamps on paper. You can just stamp something, shake embossing powder over the stamp, blow-dry it and you get a very professional looking raised and glossy image.

After that, I had a few minutes to walk around the upper level before the next demo. I was quite impressed by a florist named Dilly Lily. They did some things with wheat grass that I thought were quite interesting. Vosges Haut-Chocolat was there with samples (yum) although I am not sure what I would do with them. Those are some crazy expensive chocolates and I am not sure that they are any better than Fannie May. There was a photographer there and a videographer. Snooze. There was a dress shop called Dame Couture, which specializes in custom made dresses. If you go to their website, you can see some pretty unique dresses- not always my taste, but if you have your own sense of style, I would highly recommend it. Bittersweet Pastry Shop had a cake and some cookies on display. The PS staff was also handing out samples. I have three words for you- creme brulee filling. I had to restrain myself from going back for more. There was also a string quartet playing your standard Pachelbel’s Cannon/Here Comes the Bride type stuff.

A friend from work joined me for the "Handmade Gift Ideas" workshop. I learned about covering books in paper. It might be cute for bridemaids gifts… but, not my favorite demo. We went to the "Dressed up Envelope" next and chatted through most of it- although I did pick up a few tips on mailing labels and how to cut paper to fit inside your envelope to make it look more interesting when it is opened. I also learned about the magical Xyron. I think that I need to own one of those. After spending some time with the sample letterpress invitations, we went to "Perfect Favors and Adornments" and learned about all the kinds of little boxes that you can buy at the store. That one really felt like a sales pitch- not that I can blame them, the day was free!

Three pieces (they were small!) of cake, two glasses of champagne (also small- unfortunately) and a purchased stamp later, we were done. I learned a lot today and I am now obsessed with letterpress invitations. The Paper Source will be seeing a lot more of me…

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  1. I am definitely going to check out this Paper Wedding. Thanks for posting a review!


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