Monday, February 4, 2008

voting brings us together

Jake and I met while working at a politician's office- lets call that politician Bob. He was a fan of the Bob's political party, I, however, was a fan of the other team. I took a job on Bob's campaign because I was looking for fundraising experience. Frankly, I had just graduated from college and I had no idea what I was doing. I knew that it would be hard to raise money for "the other team" (talking in code is hard!), but after meeting Bob and finding him to be a middle-of-the-road, very likable guy, I decided to go for it. I really loved that job. It was a bit of a boys club and I had never experienced anything like it before. The parties that I was planning were at fun locations in the city and I got to meet some pretty influential people in Illinois. Jake worked on the state side as Bob's assistant and occasionally clocked out and came over to the campaign side with me. I think I need to save the whole story of how we met for another day, because I kinda love it and I would like to write a whole post about it.

Jake and me at the Illinois State Fair for "the other team's" celebration day

Fast forward a few years (Wayne's World squiggly fingers thing), and Jake and I are engaged. I left the job with Bob because the political differences started to get to me and Jake also moved on to greener pastures. We are both still very involved in politics. I even made phone calls for my favorite candidate on Saturday afternoon. Jake and I, as we did when we worked together, discuss politics quite frequently. There are a few topics that we purposefully avoid- the war and the current president, mostly- and we are comforted by the handful issues that we agree on. This presidential election has been a lot of fun for us, perhaps a little too much fun. We are actually going to have an election themed rehearsal dinner (more on that later, too) with political buttons and little banners. He says that he is my running mate. The wedding will be 2 months before the election and we are hoping that things will be pretty exciting by then.

Tomorrow is Primary Day in Illinois and Jake and I will be attending our polling place together. I like when we walk in together, holding hands, and then pull different party's ballots. I would wear my favorite new sweatshirt with my candidate's logo on it, but Jake says that is electioneering and I could get kicked out of my polling place. We always go vote together and proudly wear our "I voted today" stickers. Although we vote for different parties, we can still have politics in common.

I don't want to get all "The More you Know," but we are so lucky to be able to voice our opinions in this way. Voting is easy and fun. Pick a candidate, do a little research on him/her and go vote. Brag to all your friends that you participated in the glorious process of free elections and go to bed with sweet dreams of victory.

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