Friday, March 14, 2008

mrs. and mrs.

I received an email yesterday from OutVite, an online invitation company specifically targeting same sex couples. Here are a few of the samples that they included in the email. They are elegant and I love the colors, but what do they have to do with same sex couples? I see the "Mr. and Mr." but I can't imagine that you couldn't ask the invitation company to have whatever you like written there.

I read the email and headed out for the day, but it stuck in the back of my mind. There are a handful of wedding invitations out there that have a silhouette of a bride and groom, but most are very similar to the designs above. You can find invitations that go from very pink and feminine to very classic and without obvious gender stereotype to masculine. Invitation companies ask how you would like it worded, so the names can be whatever you would like. Other than the text, how could you look at the invite and know the gender of each part of the couple?

When I got back home, I went to the site. I found these:
Doing a quick search of most of the major online invitation shops, I couldn't find anything like these. If a couple wanted to emphasize the fact that they were both of the same gender, this would be a nice option. They are cute and sweet. I also realized that shower and bachelorette invitations have cutesy couples on them or just a bride in her gown. Something is still bothering me about this though...

I think it is the target marketing. The email said something along the lines of "same sex marriages were still controversial, but who cares? We can make some money off this new trend!" Ew. It reminds me of "Those crazy brides will pay anything for a wedding cake! Who cares if we are charging twice as much for the same cake?" Just as I dislike when Sally Hensen sends me an email about nail polish for brides, I dislike the targeting of same sex couples. I can't imagine that my taste in design would change if I was marrying a woman instead of a man. I am not in that community, however, so maybe there really was a need.

What do you all think? Are any readers in a same sex couple and have felt left out in regards to the invitations?

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