Thursday, March 6, 2008

what to do in austin?

UPDATE: I was totally wrong about the movie passes! Jake and I went to see We are Wizards yesterday (it was adorable) and we are planning to see another one this afternoon. There have also been enough parties to keep us pretty busy. Thank you all for your suggestions! I think we might be going to the South Congress area later today.

I am tagging along with Jake as he attends the nerd (Interactive) portion of South By Southwest. I have never been to Texas so I am very excited to wander around while he is doing the conference thing. The music fest doesn't start until after we leave on Monday and you have to buy a pricey conference pass to watch the movies. Sooo... I am looking for something fun stuff to do in Austin- preferably close to downtown (so that I can walk), although I am open to anything. Does anyone have any recommendations? Any fun wedding shopping that I can do while I am here?


  1. Hit up the South Congress shopping district(there's several buses that will take you across the river from downtown). I recommend Uncommon Objects for wedding inspriation, and Creatures Boutique to satisfy shoe and accessory several more blocks of fun little shops to poke around in.

  2. austin is so fun! go to whole foods (its HUGE!).
    have fun. im so jealous of all your travels.

  3. We keep crossing paths. I was just there. And you went to Kansas City about a month after me. I'm headed to NYC and Philly later this month.

    How funny.

  4. South Congress is a great place to shop around; lots of amazing and unique places. The Second Street District also has some amazing places, particularly some fantastic local jewelry designers. South First Street has a great little store called Unbridaled (, and South Lamar has great vintage stores. Whole Foods on 6th and Lamar is unbelievable -- there are some great stores in that area: Emeralds, Anthropologie, and Bookpeople. Hope this helps! I'm from Austin, so let me know if have any questions.

  5. Thank you, Oslo! Someone else recommended a restaurant down there, so it sounds like we will be making the trip.

    Erica- you crazy. You always go on fun trips!

    Misse- that's too funny! It would be fun to run into you at some point.


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