Wednesday, April 30, 2008

this could lead to pure happiness

The company that owns Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters is opening a garden and landscaping store, called Terrain. Holy Moley, I'm excited! The stores will "fill a gap between the 20,000 mom-and-pop garden centers with less than $5 million in sales and Home Depot." Sounds lovely!

It's only in Philly, but hopefully it will spread like moss (Mwahaha! Bad joke) all the way to Chicago.

Thanks, Daisy Chain!


I'm sorry for being so MIA lately. I am finishing up finals and final papers this week and I couldn't be happier. Wedding planning serves as a major distraction from school, particularly when you aren't so crazy about what you are studying, and I needed to quit cold turkey to get my school work done. I decided to take a break from the cold turkey (I know, I'm cheating) when I saw these adorable photobooth shots from Kyla and Thorsten's wedding, courtesy of Thorsen Photography.

I heart photos of photos.

We are planning to do a photobooth guestbook and I am hoping that our guests have as much fun as theirs did!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

pretty new jennifer behr

I don't know if these are new or if I am just out of the loop, but I just found these gorgeous hairpieces at Jennifer Behr. Would the first one be so beautiful for a beach wedding?

I would reconsider my original plan if this headband came in gold. I love the width and all the sparkles.

The velvet and silk together in this piece are so romantic.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

i heart old photos

This is only mildly wedding related, but Oh Happy Blog clued me into the Library of Congress' flickr stream. I really love old photos and this made my day. I am so very excited. Just for my brides, I found some amazing wedding photos (and a balloon photo).

may i make you a margarita?

I was tagged by katelynjane and a fellow Chicago bride at Windy City Weddings. I am usually really slow or negligent about posting these things, so I am getting on the ball now! I think one of those tags was for 7 things, but I am lazy and I am opting for 6.

1) you link back to the person who tagged you.
2) post these rules on your blog.
3) share six unimportant things about yourself.
4) tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5) let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs

1) I have had a fascination with skin care since I was 10. I used to get teased by my friends because I used two cleansers in the shower every day, followed by a toner and Oil of Olay, in junior high. That obsession is almost completely fulfilled by Kiehl's products today.

2) I hate the words jot, crisp, flesh and panties. I cringed typing those just now.

3) I am absolutely obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. I am on my third round of watching the first six seasons. I don't own the seventh season, but I hated the finale so much that I am thinking about pretending that it ended after six.

4) I make killer margaritas.

5) Wednesday (today) is laundry day and I love it. I find something really really rewarding about doing laundry. I love how our condo smells and sounds while the dryer is going. An added reward is when something needs to be ironed.

6) I am really good at Tetris. I really embarassed a few of my high school boyfriends and, later, Jake.

I'm tagging:
1) Emahlee
2) Erin and Todd
3) Polka Dot Bride
4) With This Ring

I think everyone else I know has been tagged... If you haven't been tagged and you feel like participating, let me know!

nicolette camille

I found out about Nicolette Camille via Design*Sponge. The flowers and the photography are so gorgeous. I found a lot of inspiration there, so I wanted to share with all of you.

I LOVE this idea for a flower girl. Aren't she and her sister adorable, too?

One of the words that I keep using with my florist is "loose." I would like the bouquets and centerpieces to be loosely arranged with lots of greens showing. That last photo is totally doing it for me. Actually, everything on her site is doing it for me! Too bad she is out of Brooklyn and I already have a wonderful florist...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

lustreware inspiration

In addition to milkglass , my mom also collects lustreware. This collection started a few years ago with one small piece and she continued to build it via eBay.

and this is just her pink stuff!

I LOVE this one.

When Jake and I went to the wedding episode of the Martha Stewart Show, I noticed this pretty cake on display.

I noticed it because it reminded me of this particular piece of my mom's collection.

It really got me thinking of all the fun ways that you can find inspiration for a wedding. Has anyone else found inspiration in an unlikely place?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

larkspur and sweet honeybee

Last Tuesday I spent my morning with a few of my heroes at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago's Heroes Breakfast. The ARCGC holds this event every year to honor local heroes. These are people who rarely get recognized for their actions and hearing them speak just melts your heart. You can't help but feel better about the world when you leave. I have been the past three years and somehow it gets better and better each year. Thank goodness they left a pack of tissues at every table! Be sure to go to the Heroes Breakfast site and spend some time reading the heroes' amazing stories.

Aside from the tear jerking presentation, I noticed a few fun touches at the Breakfast that could surely be used at a wedding. I wanted to mention them here because the items were all donated and they really added something special to the morning.

Larkspur flower shop in Bucktown donated the adorable boutonnieres. Usually bouts at these types of events consist of a rose or carnation and some baby's breath, particularly when they are donated. Larkspur instead put time and thought into their donation and they looked so lovely on all the heroes. I do not have a photo of the actual bouts because I forgot my camera (d'oh!) but I found a few examples of their creativity on their site.

As a take-away, Sweet Honeybee Bakery donated delicious cupcakes to match the design of the event. Aren't they adorable? They even supplied small boxes so that we could take a few home for later. Jake was happy that I did!

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