Tuesday, April 1, 2008

larkspur and sweet honeybee

Last Tuesday I spent my morning with a few of my heroes at the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago's Heroes Breakfast. The ARCGC holds this event every year to honor local heroes. These are people who rarely get recognized for their actions and hearing them speak just melts your heart. You can't help but feel better about the world when you leave. I have been the past three years and somehow it gets better and better each year. Thank goodness they left a pack of tissues at every table! Be sure to go to the Heroes Breakfast site and spend some time reading the heroes' amazing stories.

Aside from the tear jerking presentation, I noticed a few fun touches at the Breakfast that could surely be used at a wedding. I wanted to mention them here because the items were all donated and they really added something special to the morning.

Larkspur flower shop in Bucktown donated the adorable boutonnieres. Usually bouts at these types of events consist of a rose or carnation and some baby's breath, particularly when they are donated. Larkspur instead put time and thought into their donation and they looked so lovely on all the heroes. I do not have a photo of the actual bouts because I forgot my camera (d'oh!) but I found a few examples of their creativity on their site.

As a take-away, Sweet Honeybee Bakery donated delicious cupcakes to match the design of the event. Aren't they adorable? They even supplied small boxes so that we could take a few home for later. Jake was happy that I did!

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  1. Mmm those look yummy. I want to have a cupcake throwdown so we can decide which chicago cupcake is the best for our wedding.
    oh and p.s. tag you are it!


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