Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm sorry for being so MIA lately. I am finishing up finals and final papers this week and I couldn't be happier. Wedding planning serves as a major distraction from school, particularly when you aren't so crazy about what you are studying, and I needed to quit cold turkey to get my school work done. I decided to take a break from the cold turkey (I know, I'm cheating) when I saw these adorable photobooth shots from Kyla and Thorsten's wedding, courtesy of Thorsen Photography.

I heart photos of photos.

We are planning to do a photobooth guestbook and I am hoping that our guests have as much fun as theirs did!


  1. you are going to have a photobooth at your wedding?! im sooooo jealous. you dont even know!!! i have an obsession with photobooths. they are the best!
    i couldnt afford a photobooth, so we did a guestbook with little izone photos, and that was fun, but nothing tops a photobooth! oh man! lucky!!!

    i cant wait to see your photos.


  2. Photobooth sounds so fun. We don't have room for one but improvising by having a polaroid station with the second photographer for an hour or so, we got props too, hopefully the guests will have fun with it.

    Good Luck with finals!!

  3. wow...this is my wedding how did you find these?


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