Wednesday, May 28, 2008

100 days!

100 days left until I marry this wonderful man :)

After all this planning and waiting, I can finally start working on the fun stuff! Yay! I thought I would share a little update on how planning is going. I have always found these lists helpful throught my planning. I have some big things done and some big things to do.

1) Booked church, venue, caterer, band, photographer, photobooth, hotel block, transportation
2) Decided against professional videographer
3) Purchased jars for candy bar (thanks, Jake!)
4) Designed invitations
5) Bought dress
6) Bought bridesmaids dresses
7) Finalized bridesmaids gifts
8) Bought Jake's gift
9) Created design with florist
10) Decided against hanging lanterns in Cafe Brauer (bad for the dream, good for the budget)
11) Created timeline
12) Created room layout

To Do:
1) Confirm that a friend will do the videography
2) Design programs, menus, place cards
3) Finish buying milkglass (thanks, Mom!)
4) Finish up bathroom baskets (Mom, again)
5) Buy Jake's tux
6) Finalize groomsmen tuxes
7) Buy my shoes
8) Meet with my new contact at the caterer to finalize the menu and schedule
9) Meet with priest to review our Foccus survey, finalize ceremony music
10) Buy our new house (did I mention we sold our current home after ELEVEN months on the market? Wooohooo!)

I'm sure there is a million more things, but I am sure you don't want to hear about them. I am feeling pretty good! Anyone else at 100 days or less?

three thousand pink peonies

It is my favorite time of year- the peonies are starting to pop up around Chicago. My mom grows several large peony plants in her yard and the buds looked ready to burst this weekend. I still kick myself sometimes for choosing September rather than June to get married. I will have to comfort myself by stealing some from my mom and making frequent visits to our farmer's market. I am so jealous of all you June brides! Erin- I am looking at you :)

Rose and Radish did a wedding this past weekend with THREE THOUSAND pink peonies. Aren't they amazing?

This is the back of their van on the way to the reception site. Don't you want to just roll around in there? No? Just me?

They are so enormous!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my dream shoes, in green

Those gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes that I posted about last week were showcased on Style Me Pretty today, care of Lisa Vorce at Oh, How Charming!

Drool. Head over to SMP to see the rest of this gorgeous wedding.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

happy weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, all!  I am in Lake Geneva, WI celebrating my bestest friend's bachelorette weekend.  If tonight's pizza and wine fest is any indication, its going to be a great weekend.  Goody bags anyone?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

new ads in and around i heart peonies

I've struggled for awhile about whether or not to put ads on this site. I would prefer it without and since blogging is not my full time job, I don't need to include them. However, Jake works for Adsense for Feeds in Google (formerly known as Feedburner) and he has convinced me to try them out- both on the blog and in my feeds. I will be his first official customer after the switch from Feedburner. The feed ads should start next week and the blog ads are running currently on the sidebar. Both should be pretty quiet, which was my goal, and directed towards my content.

Additionally, I am gearing up to fill out my etsy shop. I put a few notecards in there just to get things warmed up, but keep an eye out for changes over there, too.

Thank you in advance for hanging in there through these changes. I am so happy with what this blog has become. I have learned so much from you all and you have made the whole wedding planning experience (106 days left!) more enjoyable than I ever expected.

the (almost) perfect blue shoe

I have not yet purchased shoes for the big day. I have been looking for just the right pair of gold d'orsays, but I always had an eye out for something blue. I could never find the right color or style and so I kept falling back on gold. This weekend my mom convinced me that blue shoes would be fun and look great in photos, so I am focusing on it a bit more.

I would like something kind of vintage-y in a pretty cornflower blue to complement my ivory dress. So, like Goldilocks, I tried several options before finding just the right one.

Too shiny...
Michael Kors
Too green...
Marc Jacobs
Too casual...
Just right!
Christian Louboutin

There is still something off... oh, wait. The pricetag :( The search continues.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

yay! new camera

A month or so ago, our camera became totally busted. It could only take horrendous photos like this-

Is that giving anyone else a headache? Let me know and I will pull it.

So, today I put my economic stimulus check to good use and bought myself a new camera. Someday I plan to take a class on photography and get a more manual camera, but until then my cute little Canon Powershot will have to do! I got her warmed up with some shots of the little goodybags that I am making for Erin's bachelorette party this weekend. Much better, don't you think?

saipua flowers

I found saipua flowers via {frolic} this morning and I have been pouring through her blog. I love, love, love her style. The flowers are so loose and garden-like; natural. I met with my florist on Monday to start brainstorming my centerpieces, and I thought these would be absolutely perfect in milkglass and with some of the other large arrangements.

There is so much inspiration in her blog, its CRAZY. Please visit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fondant molds

I am very, very excited about my cake.

When I showed our cake baker this image, she was confident that she could recreate it by hand. That made me a little nervous. I had attended a previous tasting where the baker pulled out a mold which perfectly matched the pattern on that cake. I wanted to make sure that it looked like real lace, not a lace-like puffy icing subsitute. I began my search for that mold and found quite a few sources online.

from Decorate the Cake

That last one looks just like the bottom row of the cake, don't you think?

So now I need to figure out how I hand these off to my baker without insulting them. Ideally, the bakery would buy these off of me as I am unlikely to make my own lace fondant cakes in the future!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

southern belle

Sorry to expose my political leanings, but I rarely say that I love anything about a Bush. However, I thought Jenna looked so gorgeous at her wedding and I loved her hair.

That picture is so sweet and simple. You can forget for a moment who she is and why her wedding pictures were in every major newspaper on Sunday. I am taking that first photo with me when I go in for my hair trial. Its exactly what I have been looking for- loosely pulled back, with a flower and curls. Do you think that will work with my hair pin?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

sweet and casual

My friend Rachel was married last weekend at Meson Sabika, a beautiful tapas restaurant in the Chicago suburbs. She planned her wedding in five months (!!!) and kept it very small and simple. I wanted to share a few of her photos because she and John look so happy.

How hilarious is this? I love the look on her face... totally oblivious to the camera.

Congratulations, Rachel and John!
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