Thursday, May 22, 2008

the (almost) perfect blue shoe

I have not yet purchased shoes for the big day. I have been looking for just the right pair of gold d'orsays, but I always had an eye out for something blue. I could never find the right color or style and so I kept falling back on gold. This weekend my mom convinced me that blue shoes would be fun and look great in photos, so I am focusing on it a bit more.

I would like something kind of vintage-y in a pretty cornflower blue to complement my ivory dress. So, like Goldilocks, I tried several options before finding just the right one.

Too shiny...
Michael Kors
Too green...
Marc Jacobs
Too casual...
Just right!
Christian Louboutin

There is still something off... oh, wait. The pricetag :( The search continues.


  1. I am not sure where to find these blue shoes, but they are pretty! Good luck with your search.

  2. I fell in love with those CLs in GREEN! I didn't fall in love with the $768 price tag though.

  3. those CL's are the same shoes i have had in my head since the moment i saw them...i drew a photo of myself in a wedding dress when i was about 5 with blue shoes, so that's where my idea came from...and those are AMAZING!!! maybe they will go on sale!

  4. Awesome!! Thanks Zappos for the wonderful shoes collection at very genuine cost.

  5. Oh yes! Those Louboutins in red were my dream shoes too! So so gorgeous.


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