Wednesday, May 14, 2008

fondant molds

I am very, very excited about my cake.

When I showed our cake baker this image, she was confident that she could recreate it by hand. That made me a little nervous. I had attended a previous tasting where the baker pulled out a mold which perfectly matched the pattern on that cake. I wanted to make sure that it looked like real lace, not a lace-like puffy icing subsitute. I began my search for that mold and found quite a few sources online.

from Decorate the Cake

That last one looks just like the bottom row of the cake, don't you think?

So now I need to figure out how I hand these off to my baker without insulting them. Ideally, the bakery would buy these off of me as I am unlikely to make my own lace fondant cakes in the future!


  1. so so beautiful! it's probably one of the prettiest wedding cakes I have ever seen, where did you find the inspiration?

  2. i love that cake and i'm so so jealous that you were able to find a cake baker who can recreate that lace. i actually had a mold made of the lace hankie we used on our invitations, save the dates, programs, and wedding signage. the cake maker couldn't make the mold work, though, so we settled on a smooth square cake. oh well. i'm so happy that you were able to really find one that worked.

  3. Wow! I adore white-on-white cakes! They are just so simplistic and wonderful, you have great taste! Be sure to check out my budding blog!

  4. The lace cakes are so pretty. It isn't a great picture but the first one in this gallery is piped lace rather than lace made with a mold -

    It's really difficult showing vendors what you want and trying not to insult them at the same time! I bombarded our baker with pictures and hoped that they wouldn't be insulted and they were fine with it. I hope you get what you're after as it's so pretty!

  5. What an interesting concept and you've chosen a stunning cake!!


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