Thursday, July 24, 2008

girls night out!

I have a fun night ahead of me! First stop, a Red Cross meeting to discuss a new event. This committee is totally fired up, so I have a feeling that it will be the perfect thing to distract me from wedding planning and my to-do lists.

I will be sneaking out a little early to head over to the River North Paper Source for the Girls Night Out Event. I plan on meeting Tina from With This Ring, I Thee Obsess and (I think) Elizabeth from Elizabeth Anne Designs. Tina reminded me last night (THANK YOU!) that attendees receive a 10% discount off all PS purchases. Just wait until they see my list...

Will anyone else be attending tonight, maybe at another location?


  1. boo hoo I always miss everything.
    I have to work.

  2. ! I am so jealous! I couldn't make it to the one here in costa mesa (boo) and then i got an email that they are having an encore one next month (yay) and when i clicked through to purchase a ticket, it had already sold out (boo). Girls night out just isn't in the stars from me!

  3. how was it?? i am still so bummed it didnt work out, hopefully we will meet at the happy hour!

  4. It was fun, but nothing too exciting! I had more fun chatting with Tina than making crafts, so the happy hour should be fun too! I did learn how to use an eyelet setter and that you can heat emboss fabric :) I also picked up a whole bunch of paper for menus, programs, etc.


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