Wednesday, July 9, 2008

my invites are coming TODAY!

After months of intense labor (mostly not on my part!), the day has arrived.

There was a little shipping hiccup due to our move and my multiple addresses. My little friends went out for delivery and were then rerouted back to a shipping center as I obsessively tracked their whereabouts. It was so hard to see "out for delivery" knowing that they were, in fact, not.

I had decided awhile ago that I was going to teach myself calligraphy. I bought a book off of Tina
a few months ago and I have been playing around with it here and there. I was up late last night and early this morning tracing letters. Its game time! We'll see how long it takes me to give up and just print the envelopes using one of my shiny new fonts.


  1. oh boy! calligraphy! i can't wait to see how it turns out. i'm wanting to teach myself, too. good luck and you know we're dying to see the invites!

  2. You should talk to Dorothy. She learned calligraphy for my wedding and addressed all of my invites! They looked great! I think she did my sisters, too :-)
    Good luck, I think the personal touch of calligraphy or handwriting is the way to go!

  3. Yea!! Invite time! Good luck with the calligraphy. I tried to do that but gave up after my hands were covered in ink (I probably shouldn't have used a "real" calligraphy pen and ink well). Just FYI- I got lazy and let my mom convince me to print my RSVP envelopes on our inkjet printer = mistake. Some of the ink rubbed off onto the invite in the mail, who knew I should have actually used the old tissue paper rule?

  4. I love all the tracking info - I am the worst with that! Its the greatest feature ever, no? Good luck with the calligraphy :)


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